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Holy Patriarchal Monasteries


1. Patriarchal Exarchy of Patmos.
The Patriarchal Exarchy of Patmos includes the islands Patmos, (which by the Revered Patriarchal and Synodic Act and by the law 1155/81 of the Greek state was pronounced a Holy Island), Leipsoi, Agathonision, Lebetha, and Arkioi with their small islands around them and is directly under the jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate. This special state of the only remaining Patriarchal Exarchy of Patmos was certified by Imperial and Patriarchal sigillia due to the Royal and Patriarchal nature of the Monastery of St John the Theologian. The Exarchy is honorarily given from the Great Church of Christ to the Abbot of Patmos, whom it has assured from centuries with unique liturgical, administrative and judiciary duties.
Patriarchal Exarch of Patmos: The Abbot of Patmos, Archmandrite Antipas.

(a) Administration
Seat: Holy, Royal, Patriarchal, Stavropegic and Coenobiac Monastery of St John the Theologian and Evangelist, 855 00 Patmos.
This was founded at the ends of the 11th century by our venerable Father Christodoulos of Latrenos, at the gift of the island Patmos to him and the support of the ever-memorable Byzantine Emperor Alexios I Komnenos, and became through the centuries one of the prominent monastic centre of the East.
Abbot of the Coenobium and Patriarchal Exarch of Patmos: Archm. Antipas:
Substitute Abbot and Exarch: the Ecclesiarch Elder Hieromonk Cyril.
Catholic Economos.........
Ecclesiarch: Elder Hieromonk Cyril, also having duties of General Exarch Vicar, as happened for centuries in the Exarchy.
Address: Patriarchal Exarchy of Patmos, 855 00, Patmos.
Tel. Of the Exarch: 22470-31.223, Fax: 22470-31.381. Tel. centre: 22470-34132, 22470-31398, Fax: 22470-34.098.

Parish Churches: 8. Parish priests: 8, Deacons: 1.

1. Agathonision: St George, tel. 22470-32.390, 29.095.
2. Arkioi: Transfiguration of the Saviour, tel. 22470-31.212.
3. Kampos, Patmos: Annunciation of Theotokos, tel. 22470-31.069.
4. Leipso: St John the Theologian, tel. 22470-41.205, 41.228.
5. Scala, Patmos: St John the Forerunner, tel. 22470-31.511.
6. Scala, Patmos: St Nicholas, tel. 22470-32.881 and fax: 32.345, 29.326.
7. Chora, Patmos: Panagia of the Cemetery, tel. 22470-31.647, 31.979.
8. Chora, Patmos: Meeting of the Lord, tel. 22470-32.518, 31.348.

(b) Monastic republic of the Holy Patmos

Holy Royal Patriarchal Stavropegic and Coenobiac Monastery of St John the Evangelist and Theologian

Address: Holy Royal Patriarchal Stavropegic and Coenobiac Monastery of St John the Evangelist and Theologian, 855 00 Patmos.
Abbot: ὁ Archm. Antipas Theologitis. Tel. (22470): Abbot: 31.223, fax: 31.381. Secretary: 31.223. Fax: 34.098.
Tel. 31.398, 31.917, 34.132.
Website: www.monipatmou.gr

Sacred Revelation.
Thus is called the Cave, within which the Evangelist John saw the vision and wrote the prophetic book of the Revelation (95 A.D.). Tel. 22470-31.234.
Principle: Elder Hieromonk Isidore Theologitis.

Holy Cells:
1. Ss Anargyri, Kipoi (11th century).
2. Dormition of the Theotokos, Leipsi (above) (16th century).
3. St Paraskevi, Kavos (17th century).
4. All Saints, Apollo, founded in 1820 by hieromonk Apollo (+ 1859). Tel. 22470-31.069.
5. Panagia Queen of all, Arkioi.
6. Ss Nektarios of Pentapolis and Irene Chrysovalantou, Leipso.
7. St Nektarios Loukakia, founded in 1989  by the blessed Archm. Paul Nikitaras (+ 1999) and the Abbot of Patmos Archm. Antipas. Tel. 22470-32.833.
8. St Irene, Skala. Tel. 22470-31.358.

Holy Kathismata:
1. Bodiless powers (12th century). Tel. 22470-32.062.
2. St Panteleimon Chiliomodion (16th century).
3. St Christodoulos, Alukai (17th century).Tel. 22470-32.994.
4. Panagia of Charos, Leipsoi (17th century).
5. St George of the Avlaki (17th century).
6. Panagia Mandalake (17th century).
7. Panagia Kykkou (17th century).
8. Panagia Grava (18th century). Tel. 22470-31.388.
9. Prophet Elijah (18th century).
10. Panagia Koumana (18th century). Tel. 22470-31.489.
11. Dormition of Theotokos (18th century).
12. Transfiguration, Kalamote (20th century). Tel. 22470-33.088.

Monastic Churches:
1. Panagia the Protectress, Chora. Tel. 22470-31.585, 22470-31.350.
2. St Phokas, Scala
3. St Basil, Chora.
4. St George of Aporthianoi, Chora.
5. St John the Theologian, Scala (Baptistery).
6. St John the Baptist, Chora.
7. St George of Loza Chora.
8. St Nicholas Koudounas.
9. St Demetrios, Chora,
and many more

1. Petras (11th century). 2.Genopa (Caves, 12th century). 3. Petrokaravou (12th century). 4. Vraston (17th century). 5. Pilafiou (17th century). 6.Anyrou (17th century). 7. Synadinou (17th century). 8. Zarrois (19th century). 9. Kentronisiou (19th century). 10. Pigis Geranou (20th century). 11. Psalidas (20th century).

Holy Metochia:
1. St John the Theologian, Partheni, Leros (11th century).
2. Ss Apostles, Kalymnos (11th century).
3. St John the Theologian, Apteroi, Crete (12th century).
4. Transfiguration. Naxos (12th century).
5. St John the Theologian, Chora, Amorgos (16th century).
6. St John the Theologian, Heraio, Samos (16th century).
7. St John the Theologian, Thira (17th century).
8. St John the Theologian (Sideranos), Milos (17th century).
9. St George, Pendeli, Athens (20th century)

Female Monasteries of Patmos
1. Holy Monastery Holy of Holies, founded in the 16th century. Superior: Nun Synglitiki. Nuns: 2. Tel. 22470-31.030.
2. Holy Monastery of Life-giving Fount, founded in the 17th century. Abbess: Nun Agathangeli. Nuns: 5. Tel. 22470-31.256, 32.092. Fax: 33.233.
Exartema: Hesychasterion of the Dormition of the Theotokos Livadiou of Kalogeron (16th century).
3. Holy Monastery of the Annunciation, founded in 1935. Abbess: Nun Christonymphe. Nuns: 65. Tel. 22470-31.276, 31.336, fax: 34.125.
1. Holy Hesychasterion of St Joseph in Kouvarion, founded in 1940.
2. Holy Kathisma of Christ of Argyre (18th century).
1. St John the Theologian, Rhodes.
2. Apostle Philip, Kos.
Monks of the Monastery: 35. Nuns of the Exartemata: 2. Nuns of the Monasteries: 72. Total: 109.

The Patmias Ecclesiastical School
This was founded in 1713 by St Makarios the Teacher the Kalogeras, and functions in the buildings of the Holy Monastery by the Sacred Cave of the Revelation, which were built at the care and expense of the Holy Monastery and the Patmians of America, as a Gymnasium and Lyceum. Tel. 22470-31.278-31.066. fax: 22470-32777. 
School Committee: President: the Patriarchal Exarch, Archm. Antipas.
Scholarch: Matthew Melinos, theologian.
Vice-president: Eustathios Kottoros, theologian.

Local Saints
1. St John the Theologian (26 September, 8 May).
2. St Christodoulos (16 March, 21 October).
3. Apostle Thomas (Sunday of Antipascha, 6 October).
4. St Gerasimos Byzantios (7 April).
5. St Antipas, Bishop of Pergamos (11 April).
6. St Pachomios the Russian (7 May).
7. St Leondios, Archbishop of Jerusalem (14 May).
8. St Philip the Deacon (11 October).
9. St Makarios the Kalogeras (19 January).
10. Hieromartyr Platon Aivazides (21 September).
11. Assembly of the Saints of Patmos (Sunday after All Saints).

2. Monastic community of Mount Athos.

(i) Brief history of monasticism on the holy mountain
Monasticism on the Holy Mountain starts in the 5th century in the form of single ascetics or small groups who lived in its quiet places and exists in parallel with the lay life which continues until the 8th century.
In the first decades of the 9th century, the Holy Mountain Monasticism enters a new phase, which is partly documented in written sources. The Mount forms its special monastic character, it has borders, and self-governing based at Karies, where a Lavra is created and call the Great Middle, at around 940 A.D. There is based the First of the Holy Mount, and his seat is called the «Protaton».
In the 9th century in the Holy Mount, there lived two great characters: St Peter the Athonite, who is arrives to Athos at the ends of the 8th century, and St Euthemios the New, who founded a Lavra in the Holy Mount around 860 A.D.
In 963 A.D. a «new rhythm is given to the Monastic Life with the foundation of the first Great Coenobium of the Holy Monastery of the Greatest Lavra of St Athanasios», which is assisted financially and ethically by the wondrous Byzantine Emperor Nicephoros Phokas, friend and spiritual child of St Athanasios.
The official organisation of the Monastic Life in the Holy Mount starts from the publication of the Typikon of the Byzantine Emperor John Tsimiskes in 972 A.D.
In the centuries, the Byzantine republic and the Patriarchate, in continuation to the attempt to spread Christianity to the neighbouring nations of the empire, allowed monks from other nations to live in the Holy Mounts, and especially Georgians, Slavs, and Romanians, in order to live deeper the meaning and the contents of Orthodoxy, and to plant it later on to their nations.
Today the Holy Mount is governed according to the Constitutional Map of the Holy Mount, which was voted by the Extra-ordinary Double Holy Gathering and was confirmed by a law of the Greek state on the 10th September 1926, and clothed with constitutional authority (article 109 of the Constitution of the Greek state).

(ii). State governing authorities of Mount Athos.
1. Government: Political governor: Mr George Dalakouras, tel. 23770-23.230, 23.314. Substitute governor: Mr Aristos Kasmiroglou. Address: 630 86 Karyai, Holy Mount. Telephones (23770) 23.230, 23.314 and 23.290. At Karyai: Police: 23.212. Tel of police officer: 23.260. Post office: 23.214. Doctor: 23.217. Telephone company: 23.399. At Daphne: Police: 23.222. Sea police: 23.300. Customs: 23.269. Post office 23.297.

(iii) Monastic governing authorities of Mount Athos.
The Ecclesiastical Government, according to the Constitutional Map of Mount Athos is exhorted by:

a. The Holy Community
This is based at Karyai and is comprised from 20 representatives of the twenty monasteries of Mount Athos, which are elected each year by their own Holy Monasteries for the duration of one year, and are replaced at the beginning of each year. To the Holy Community belongs the Temple of the «Protaton», which is honoured at the name of the Dormition of the Theotokos, and which is beautified by the wall paintings of Panselenos, which were depicted in 1290.

b. The Holy Epistasia.
This is responsible for the administration of Mount Athos. The twenty Holy Monasteries are split into five quadruples, each of which forms one year every five, the Holy Epistasia.
1st GROUP: Lavra, Docheiariou, Xenophontos, Esphigmenou.
2nd GROUP: Vatopediou, Koutloumousiou, Karalalou, Stavronikita.
3rd GROUP: Iviron, Pantocratoros, Filotheou, Simonos Petras
4th GROUP: Hilandar, Xeropotamou, St Paul, St Gregory.
5th GROUP: St Dionysios, Zographou, St Panteleimon, Constamonitou.
The first in order of each group holds the title «Protepistatis», is the President of the Holy Epistasia, and holds the Staff of the Primate.
Members of the Holy Epistasia during the year 2005-2006 are the: Protepistates: Elder Paul Monk, Holy Monastery of the Greatest Lavra,
Epistatæ: Elder Theoktistos Monk, Holy Monastery of Docheiariou, Elder Silouan Monk, Holy Monastery of Xenophontos, and Elder Gabriel Hieromonk, Holy Monastery of Esphigmenou.
Telephones of the Epistasia: (23770) Protepistates: 23.221. Epistatæ: 23.711, 23.712, 23.713.
Secretary: Archsecretary: Hieromonk John, Holy Calybe of St Apostles-Patriarch of the Monastery of the Greatest Lavra Scete of St Anna.
Subsecretaries: Monk Prodromos, Holy Monastery of Gregoriou,  Monk Prodromos, Holy Cell of St John the Baptist Fournas, Monastery of Koutloumous, and Nikolaos Triantaphyllou.
Telephones: (prefix 23770) Archsecretary: 23.710, Subsecretary: 23.224. fax: 23.315.

(iv) The Holy Patriarchal and Stavropegic Monasteries of the Holy Mount
1. GREATEST LAVRA, founded in 963, Coenobiac, feast: St Athanasios the Athonite, July 5th. Abbot: Archm. Prodromos. Tel. 22.586, 23.760. fax: 23.761-2. Representation: 23.277.
2. VATOPEDION, founded in 972, Coenobiac, feast: Annunciation, March 25th. Abbot: Archm. Ephraim. Tel. 23.219. fax: 23.781. Representation: 23.283.
3. IVIRON, founded in 972, Coenobiac, feast: Dormition of the Theotokos, August 15th. Abbot: Archm. Nathaniel. Tel. 23.643, fax: 23.248. Representation: 23.203.
4. HILANDAR, founded in 1197, Coenobiac, feast: Entrance of Theotokos, November 21st. Abbot: Archm. Moses. Tel. 23.797. Fax: 23.108. Representation: 23.281.
5. DIONYSIOU, founded in 1375, Coenobiac, feast: Nativity of Forerunner, June 24th. Abbot: Archm. Peter. Tel. 23.687, fax: 23.686. Representation: 23.678-8.
6. KOUTLOUMOUSIOU, founded: end of 13th century, Coenobiac, feast: Transfiguration, August 6th. Abbot: Archm. Christodoulos. Tel. 23.226. Fax: 23.731.
7. PANTOCRATOR, founded in 1363, Coenobiac, feast: Transfiguration, August 6th. Abbot: Archm. Gabriel. Tel. 23.253. fax: 23.685. Representation: 23.207.
8. XEROPOTAMOU, founded in 10th century, Coenobiac, feast: Holy 40 Martyrs, March 9th; Elevation of the Cross, September 14th. Abbot: Archm. Joseph. Tel. 23.251. fax: 23.733. Representation: 23.280.
9. ZOGRAPHOU, founded: about 10th century, Coenobiac, feast: St George, April 23rd. Abbot: Archm. Ambrose. Tel. 23.247. Representation: 23.273.
10. DOCHEIARIOU, founded: 10th century, Coenobiac, feast: Archangels, November 8th; Panagia Gorgoypekoos, October 1st. Abbot: Archm. Gregory. Tel. 23.245. Representation: 23.271.
11. KARAKALOU, founded: end of 10th century, Coenobiac, feast: Ss Peter and Paul, June 29th. Abbot: Archm. Philotheos. Tel. 23.225. fax: 23.746. Representation: 23.279.
12. FILOTHEOU, founded: 990, Coenobiac, feast: Annunciation, March 25th; St Kosmas of Ætolia, August 24th. Abbot: Archm. Nikodemos. Tel. 23.256. fax: 23.674. Representation: 23.206.
13. SIMONOS PETRAS, founded: 1257, Coenobiac, feast: Christmas, December 25th; St Mary Magdalene, July 22nd. Abbot: Archm. Elissaios. Tel. 23.254, 23.700. fax: 23.707. Representation: 23.204.
14. SAINT PAUL, founded: 10th century, Coenobiac, feast: Meeting of the Lord, February 2nd; St Paul of Xeropotamos, July 28th. Abbot: Archm. Parthenios. Tel. 23.250, 23.609. fax: 23.355. Representation: 23.208.
15. STAVRONIKITA, founded: 1541, Coenobiac, feast: St Nicholas, December 6th. Abbot: Archm. Tychon. Tel. 23.255, fax: 23.255. Representation: 23.270.
16. XENOPHONTOS, founded: 11th century, Coenobiac, feast: St George, April 23rd. Abbot: Archm. Alexios. Tel. 23.249. fax: 23.631. Representation: 23.205.
17. GREGORIOU, founded: 1310, Coenobiac, feast: St Nicholas, December 6th. Abbot: Archm. George. Tel. 23.218, 23.669, 23.670. fax: 23.671. Representation: 23.274.
18. ESPHIGMENOU, founded: 11th century, Coenobiac, feast: Ascension of the Lord. Abbot: Archm. Chysostomos. (The brotherhood of the Holy Monastery resides, for the time being, at Karyai). Tel. 23.229. fax: 23.653.
19. SAINT PANTELEIMON, founded: beginning 10th century., Coenobiac, feast: St Panteleimon, July 27th. Abbot: Archm. Jeremias. Tel. 23.252. Representation: 23.201.
20. CONSTAMONITOU, founded:  beginning 10th century, Coenobiac, feast: St Stephen, December 27th. Abbot: Archm. Agathon. Tel. 23.228. Representation: 23.278.
Total number of monks in the Holy Mount in the Monasteries and Ascetics, approximately 1.500.

(v) The Athonias Ecclesiastical Academy
This was founded in 1749 by the brethren of the Monastery of Vatopedion and in its region, as a «School of Greek lessons, education and teaching of all sort, in logical, philosophical and theological sciences». In 1753, the wise Eugenios Voulgaris was appointed as «teacher», during the period of which the School reached its maximum peak. After his resignation in 1757, the School became less good. In 1813, the School was moved to Karyai, and having stopped functioning, it continued its operation from the year 1953-1954 at Karyai.
Acting Scholarch: Mr Diogenes Giakatos, tel. 23.220.
Bishop in the Holy Mount: His Grace Chysostomos of Rhodostolou (22. 04.1978). Address: Holy Monastery of Greatest Lavra,  630 86 Karyai.

(vi) Holy Patriarchal and Stavropegic Metochion of the Annunciation of the Theotokos in Ormylia of Halkidiki.
This is a Metochion of the Holy Monastery of Simonos Petras. Address: 630 71 Ormylia Halkidiki. Abbess: Nun Nikodeme. Nuns: 107. Trainees: 20. Economos of the Holy Metochion: Hieromonk Serapion. Tel. 23710-41.278.

3. Holy Patriarchal and Stavropegic Monastery of St Anastasia the Farmakolytria in Chalkidiki.

This was founded in 888 by Augusta Theophano, under the Patriarchate of Photius the Great. In 1522, the hieromonk Theonas with his companions re-established this Holy Monastery and became its Abbot. Later he was ordained Archbishop of Thessalonica, and had a holy ending, and the Church numbered him among the Saints. In the Holy Monastery are kept the sacred Head of St Anastasia and the whole relic of St Theonas, Abbot of the Monastery and Metropolitan of Thessalonica, Holy Wood, a gift of Augusta Theophano to the Monastery, and many other relics.
Administration: The Holy Monastery belongs spiritually and administratively to the Ecumenical Patriarchate, and follows the law 249/1969 of the Greek state and its own internal constitution.
Abbot: His Eminence Apostolos, Metropolitan of Miletos (03.11.1985).
Kathismata of the Holy Monastery:
1.– Holy Trinity, Traditional housing of the Holy Monastery. 2.– St Anastasia, N. Skioni, Chalkididi. 3.– Prophet Elijah. 4.– St George 5.– St Theonas. 6.– Dormition of the Theotokos. 7.– St Stephen. 8.– Ss Kirykos and Julitta. 9. – St Demetrios and 10.– Theotokos Faneromeni Chalkidiki, which belongs to the Theological School of Chalki..
Address: Holy Patriarchal and Stavropegic Monastery of the Holy Glorious Great-martyr Anastasia the Farmakolytria, 570 06 Vasilika, Thessalonica.
Tel. Abbot: 23960-22550. Tel. Monastery: 23960-22.440, 22.661. 22.663. fax: 23960-22.662.

4. Holy, Royal, Patriarchal and Stavropegic Monastery of the Vlatades in Thessalonica.

This was founded around 1350 A.D. by the brothers Dorotheos and Mark Vlat(t)eon or Vlatades, disciples and friends of St Gregory Palamas. As founder of the Monastery, we also have the empress Anna Palæologina, who was installed in Thessalonica in 1351 and stayed in it as directress until her death. The royal golden-stamped letter must have been written in 1354 in the name of the emperor John Kantakouzenos and the empress Anna Palæologina. The patriarchal Siggilion was published a bit later by the Ecumenical Patriarch Neilos. Some old architectural remains, which are kept in the museum of the Monastery, confess that the place of the Monastery was a place of worship before the monastery's foundation by the brothers Vlatades. According to the uninterrupted oral tradition, in this place the Apostle Paul preached to the Thessalonians  during his second journey (51 A.D.).
Feasts: 6 August (Transfiguration of the Lord), and 29 July (St Paul).
Abbot: His Eminence Panteleimon, Metropolitan of Tyroloa and Serention (09.06.1974), University Professor.
Number of Monks: 9.
Address: Holy, Royal, Patriarchal and Stavropegic Monastery of the Vlatades, 64 Eptapyrgiou St., 546 34 Thessalonica.
Tel. Abbey – Secretary: 2310-209.913, 246.357, Student accommodation: 2310-247.492. Fax: 2310-246.349.
Churches, Metochia of the Holy Monastery: (i) St Nicholas of the Orphans, (ii) Panagia Lagoudiani-Laodigitria, (iii) St George (Basis), (iv) St Andrew (Basis).
In the Holy Monastery, there function:
(i) Accommodation for researchers and Theology student at the Aristotelian University of Thessalonica, postgraduates and undergraduates, from abroad.
(ii) the Patriarchal Institute of Research on the Fathers
(iii) Skevophylakion - Museum.
(iv) Bookshop

5.  Holy Patriarchal and Stavropegic Monastery of St John the Baptist at Essex, UK.

This Holy monastery came under the jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in 1965.
Address: Patriarchal Stavropegic Monastery of St John the Baptist, The Old Rectory road, Tolleshunt Knights, by Maldon, Essex CM 9 8EZ, England.
Tel. +44. (0) 1621-816.471.
Feasts: June 24 (Nativity of St John the Baptist) and September 24  (St Siluan the Athonite).
Founder and Previous Abbot: + the ever-memorable Archmandrite Sophrony.
Abbot: Archmandrite Cyril.
Monks and Nuns: 12.

6. Holy Patriarchal and Stavropegic Monastery of the Entrance of Theotokos, at Alabama, U.S.A.

Address: Μalbis Plantation, Darpline Alabama, U.S.A.

7. Holy Patriarchal and Stavropegic Monastery of  St Irene Chrysovalantou in Astoria, NY, U.S.A.

This Holy Monastery was brought under the jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in 1998.
It belongs spiritually and administratively to the Ecumenical Patriarchate, subject to the Article 2, Paragraph 15 of the Law about Religious Legal Entities of the State of New York, and to its own legal entity and constitution no 727181 of Queens' District, New York City, as well as to the special Constitution of Holy Metochia, which was published by the Holy and Sacred Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.
Its effect started on 11 April 1998, in parallel with the rules that came out of it.

Administration of the Monastery
The monastery is managed by the Abbot, who is elected by the Brotherhood of the Monastery. His election is confirmed by His All Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch and his blessing is given with an appropriate Patriarchal letter. The top governing body is considered to be the Abbot council of the Holy Monastery, the members of which are elected every 5 years by the Brotherhood. The election is confirmed  by His All Holiness, the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople.
Acting Abbot: His Grace Ilias of Filomelion.
According to the Law of the State of New York regarding Religious Legal Entities, there must be three trustees. These are:
* His Eminence Theoliptos of Iconium, President.

Address: Sacred Patriarchal and Stavropegic Orthodox Monastery of St. Irene Chrysovalantou, 36-04 23rd Avenue, Astoria, N.Y. 11105-1916.
Tel. +1-718-626.6225. fax: +1-718-626.7669.
Feasts: 28 July, St Irene Chysovalantou, and 30 November, Holy Apostle Andrew the First-called, protector and founder of the Church of Constantinople.

1. Catholicon of the Monastery. St Irene Chrysovalantou. Address: 36-07 23rd Avenue Astoria, NY 11105. Tel. (718) 626-6225. fax:: (718) 626-7669.
Holy Metochia:
2. Μother of God the Liberator Monastery.
Address: 42-11 Ditmars Boulevard Astoria, NY 11105-1433, tel.: (718) 932-9292.
3. Ηoly Theotokos Monastery.
Address: 111 Εvergreen road, north Fort Myers, FL 33903-3830, tel. (941) 997-2846. fax:: (941) 997-2046.
4. St Nektarios.
Address: 340 67th Street. Brooklyn, NY 11220-5301, tel. (718) 748.7667, fax: (718) 748-4114.
5. St Nicholas.
Address: 1822 65th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11204-1901, tel. (718) 232-7358. Presbyter Charalambos.
6. Ss Anargyroi Taxiarchis and Gerasimos. Greek Orthodox Church.
Address: Μain Street, Greenport,NY 11944, tel. (631) 477-1801. Presbyter Gerasimos.
7. Holy Transfiguration. Greek Orthodox Church.
Address: 802 Ν. Orange Street, Wilmington, DE 19801-1710, tel. (302) 836-3959. Presbyter Raphael.
8. Ss Athanasios and John. Greek Orthodox Church.
Address: 4200 Ν. Κeeler Avenue, Chicago, IL 60641-2298, tel. (773) 286-3735. fax: (773) 286-3753. Presbyter Emmanuel.
9. Holy Ascension.  Greek Orthodox Church.
Address: 1440 Ν.Laura Street Clearwater, FL  33775-5221. Tel. (727) 469-89826, fax: (727) 469-8816. Archmandrite Dorotheos.
10. St John, Orthodox Mission.
Address: R.R. 1, Smith Road, Parksville, NY 12768-9801, tel. (914) 583-5845. Protopresbyter Iakovos.
11. St Michael, Orthodox Mission.
Address: 30-32 Μacaw Avenue, Belmopan, Belize, tel. (501) 9-22382, (501) 8-23284. fax: (501) 8-23633.
Ε-mail: frdan@btl.net. Hieromonk Daniel